Monday, 12 December 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Ice hotels - would you?? I must admit I am intrigued by the sheer beauty of these amazing spaces, carved out in ice every year - and then melting in spring. I LOVE how they look, but as I am not exactly a great fan of the cold, I might give it a wide berth:O) 
but it sure is PRETTY:
If you fancy going - check Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel here


  1. Like you, while I think these ice carving are beautiful and intriguing, I don't think I would love staying there. Not a fan of the cold, too. But I would love to visit one day!

    Hope you had a great week, Anya! I just voted for you.


  2. I think it´s really cool (haha - pun intended)! I´ve been to Jukkasjärvis Ice hotel twice, but that was many years ago. :-)

  3. It's gorgeous!! I do not like the cold what so ever, but the first picture tempts me to try, we only live once so why not!!??! It looks fun :) Hope you have a wonderful Monday doll! xx

  4. I know I also LOVE the look of this place - and perhaps one should go for a night or two - what's not to love about snuggling up :) Happy week to you all.

  5. brrrrr..!
    kaldt - & veldig vakkert..
    ha en finfin mandag sweet anya!

  6. Oh my goodness!! This is simply amazing!!

  7. I'm intrigued by the atmosphere lived there... somehow I think the relaxing effects beat the cold in it...

    And since hubby insists in throwing a foot out of the duvets on Winter - and ruining the air under the duvets with all that motion ahahaha - I'll make a point of insisting he keeps with the tradition while in there LOL

  8. It looks so beautiful and cold, haha :)
    But I find the contrast in that interesting, I would love to try it one day!
    Looked through your flickr account, i really like your photos. Especially the morning photos.
    And buy the way thank you for the comment on my blog :D

  9. I would try it, once a time, in my life.

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  10. My ex wanted to do this! LOL They're so beautiful. I saw the documentary on this. Great pics! :D

  11. This idea intrigues me! I don't think I'd ever do it, but they're definitely pretty.

  12. Absolutley gorgeous...but I would be the person that the ice hotel melted on. I don't want to die from an igloo hotel mishap. :) haha

  13. beautiful, indeed. but no thanks!

  14. Amazing shots i find here.

  15. so crazy. x

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  16. Detta vill jag uppleva i verkligehten. Så coolt!

    Ha en fin dag

  17. These are so gorgeous - Narnia does Vogue!, so pretty but I am cold just looking! : ) I was going to say, how cool...but I thought that would just be taking it too far! : )
    Kim xo

  18. How stunning! While I think the idea of an entire hotel made out of ice is very cool, I don't know if I'd necessarily want to stay there -- I just like being warm so much more than being cold.


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