Introducing my little SHOP

Monday, 14 July 2014

For as long as I remember I have wanted to own my own little shop. Nothing big, nothing fancy, but a place where I could sell the things that I found on my travels that I couldn't live without, (and hopefully) quite a few customers would feel the same way. 

Well now I have my own little curated Shop - due to the genius new concept GREAT.LY - a place for Makers and Tastemakers. Basically the Makers (cool artisans and designers) have a forum where they sell their stuff, through the shops curated by the Tastemakers (myself and many others). 

So to introduce my little shop here are a few of my favourite things   - especially selected from my own shop:


  1. Amazing doll, this is so cool :)) I've always wanted to have a shop as well, I might still do sometime. I love the idea and making things as well. I will have a look at your shop for sure...congrats and much good luck with it too :) I know you'll do greatly. Happy Monday xx

    1. It's such a fab concept - love it all :)

  2. Great little shop, Anya! There is always so much beauty around...happy Monday my friend!

  3. Oh, and now you get to live your dream! How cool is that? ;)
    So happy for you and wishing you lots of success (success is selling to people that have great taste and will love the same things you do),

    1. YES getting there - slowly but surely :)

  4. Cute items! I really hope your shop takes off with great the dream my dear and keep going!
    May x

  5. Anya, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations doll :D You're fulfilling your dreams. Great items and the best of luck!

  6. How exciting and a brilliant concept, Anya...your shop looks great...Congratulations! xx

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